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Instagram Live with Anne from @anneroosart


Instagram Live: Introduction to Alcohol Ink Art with Anne from @anneroosart
Online Workshop for Copic Fans in Europe!
During this Instagram Live workshop, Anne (@anneroosart, Social Media Award winner of COPIC AWARD 2021) will give you an introduction to working with alcohol inks. She will first demonstrate how to work with an ink blower to create beautiful gradients in your alcohol ink art. Second, she will show how to work with a heat tool and gold ink to create beautiful textures and ripples in the inks to create an ocean-inspired artwork. During the last 15 minutes, there will be room for questions.

When and where:
Friday, Aug 19 at noon (CEST)
Friday, Aug 19 at 7:00PM (JST)

Visit @copic_official on Instagram to watch a live stream

Tools Anne will use in this Instagram Live:
Copic Ink (refill ink for Copic markers. Colors to be used: BG45, B06, B39, and YR27, E04, RV69)
Optional: gold alcohol ink
Copic Ink #0 (Colorless Blender) or isopropyl alcohol (91%/99%)
Synthetic paper 
Ink blower and/or heat tool 
Paper towel

Message from Anne:
I am Anne Roos Smink, an alcohol ink artist based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I create abstract (floral-themed) artworks and more functional art (e.g., coasters). My alcohol ink journey began in 2018 when I discovered the magic of alcohol inks. Alcohol ink art started as a stress releaser besides my work in academia, and it soon turned into a creative journey that is all about following my true passion. In 2022 I decided to take the leap, and I am now fulfilling my dream of becoming a full-time artist. 

My work is inspired by nature, flowers, the ocean, landscapes, and anything I see around me when going outside. But even more, the process itself is very inspiring and intuitive. Often, I start by moving some ink around my surface, and by going with the flow of the inks, my ideas emerge, and the artwork begins to take shape. This process is mesmerizing and is what I love doing most. I get so much positive energy from making the inks flow around my paper, and I hope I can bring some of that positive energy to you.


Check COPIC AWARD 2021 Social Media Award winning entry here

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