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Entry for COPIC AWARD 2023 is Now Closed


Thank you very much to all the Copic fans around the world for your entries. 
The results of the first round of judging are scheduled to be announced in mid-August.  
All eligible entries for the 2023 AWARD will be posted on the submitted entries page:

When you find a work that you like, click the "Add to favorites" button to show your support for the artist! Save your favorite entries and give your favorite artists a chance to be in the spotlight.

1. Log in to the COPIC AWARD website⁠
2. Go to the SUBMITTED ENTRIES page⁠
3. Click the heart next to the "ADD TO FAVORITE" text⁠
4. Done!⁠

*Please note that you must submit an entry to the 2023 COPIC AWARD to use this feature.⁠

All published entries can be shared on social media platforms. Find your favorites and share them!

We hope that your participation in the COPIC AWARD 2023 had led to the discovery of innovative works and stimulated your creativity.

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