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Details about COPIC AWARD2022 released!


Details on application requirements, awards, and featured judges' bio are now available on the AWARD website! New awards have been added this year, giving more opportunities for people of all ages and genres to win.
We are looking forward to receiving your applications.

●Registration of personal information: 2022/6/1-9/15⁠
●Application period: 2022/7/1-9/15⁠

●Here are the judges who will serve this year
(In no particular order, titles omitted)

・Hikaru Ichijo/ Illustrator
・Yuki Suetsugu / Manga Artist
・Kota Nezu / Designer
・Kazutoshi Oshimoto /Associate Professor of Design, Tokyo University of the Arts, Painter
・Eriko Kimura / Curator, Chief Curator, Yokohama Museum of Art

We are delighted to have a panel of judges who are active in a variety of fields this year! Each one of them must have many fans…!
Mr. Nezu will continue to serve as a judge since last year. We are looking forward to seeing what kind of work he will select this year based on last year's selection.

●About the Entry Process
To enter the contest, you must
There are two entry periods:
"Registration of personal information" time and the "Application" period.

The registration period starts today.
We recommend registering as early as possible to smoothly apply from July 1.

●Web site

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