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COPIC AWARD 2023 finalists announcement

Event, Info2023.8.18

We are thrilled to have received so many wonderful entries this year!
After careful screening, the judges have selected the 50 works that will proceed to the final judging.

Check out the COPIC AWARD’s announcement page to check out the results:

We know how hard everyone has worked to create their submissions, and we want to thank everyone for sharing your talent with us.

We can't wait to see who the four judges will select as the Grand Prize, 2nd Place, Future Generation Art Prize: Grand Prize, and Judges’ Awards winners from the selected entries. ⁠

We also want to remind everyone there’s still a chance to win other special prizes, which will be selected from among all entries such as Future Generation Art Award, Ink Art Award, Regional Award, Social Media Award, Vexx Award, and Team Copic Award. ⁠

The winners will be announced sometime in November 2023.
Stay tuned for the big announcement!

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