▼ I feel like the ink for Copic Drawing Pen F series seems “light”…

The ink for Copic Drawing Pen is not “light” as it seems. All the inks meet the standards of consistency measurement (average: 1.97 – 1.99. There is only little difference exists between the average value [2.00] of similar product using carbon black [pigment] ink).
There are several causes for this problem.
If you take a look at several lines which drew in different width, your brain may perceive the thicker lines have a darker black. It’s an optical illusion in which lines of the same color appear different. Since the width of drawing line of Copic Drawing Pen is super fine, you may think its line is lighter.
Or the transmitted light from the beneath of paper may have affected. If it’s disturbing, use the paper with the thickness more than 135kg.



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