▼ Is there any difference between the Multiliner and Multiliner SP ink?

The same water-based pigment inks are used for both Multiliner and Multiliner SP pens. These pens are waterproof on most papers.
Actually we’ve been using two different types of black ink based on Multiliner ‘s nib width. This is why two different ink cartridges for Multiliner SP exist. Black ink is available in both Type A (for pens sized 0.03 – 0.1mm) and Type B (for pens 0.2mm and larger). Colored inks are available as Type B only.

Features of Type A:
Type A black ink was developed for the purpose of use with ultrafine nib. This highly-concentrated ink has higher fluidity to avoid the clogging, and provides adequate blackness even in ultrafine line.

NOTE: Type A ink is not suitable for wider nibs because of its high fluidity. Use it with designated nibs only.



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