▼ I feel like the ink for Multiliner Black seems “light”…

The inks for Multiliner Black is made mainly of carbon black (pigment). As a matter of fact, the inks are not “light” as it seems. All the inks meet the standards of consistency measurement.

There are several causes for this problem.

* If you take a look at several lines which drew in different width, your brain may perceive the thicker lines have a darker black. It’s just because the different widths play tricks on your eye. It’s an optical illusion in which lines of equal color appear different. It’s obvious that the inks of Multiliner Black are not “light” as demonstrated by the data. This is confirmable if you closely examine the lines with a magnifying glass.

* Inks for Multiliner Black are the mixture of various pigments. If you keep them stored upward and vertically, sedimentation of pigments may occur and cause the instability of steady-state concentration of ink. To resolve the problem, just leave a Multiliner downward for long enough. Shaking will not solve this problem and can result in leakage of ink and a clogged pen. Do not shake the Multiliner pen.



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