▼ Working with Grays

Copic makes 46 different shades of gray, in 4 color families, although gray is actually an achromatic color. Each color of gray brings its own tone and feel to a picture. Cool Grays add a hint of Blue, Warm Grays add a hint of Brown. Neutral gray is neutral, as its name suggests. Toner gray is half way between Neutral and Warm. If you want something to feel cold (like metal), use Cool Gray. For something that feels warm or natural, use Warm Gray. For everything else the other grays can fill in for you. Even if you want to color something “black”, don’t use black, use a series of dark grays instead.
Reproduction of color in printing requires careful attention. If you want exact reproduction of gradation of gray, you should give a precise instruction to print shop in advance. Also when you make a photocopy of your artwork, always select Photo mode .



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