▼ The ink drips off from Super Brush nib. I can’t figure out what’s behind it…

The cause of a problem:
* In most cases, this problem occurs when the airway of marker is thoroughly clogged up. When you hold a marker, usually alcohol contained within the ink is volatilized because of body temperature. However, if the airway is clogged up, it obstructs the flow of vaporizing fluid and increases pressure in the body of marker. As the result the ink is forced out through a Super Brush nib.

* Solutions:
As a stopgap measure, remove the cap of opposite (Medium Broad nib) side. This will relieve internal pressure.
To solve the underlying problem, pull out the Super Brush nib, clean the ink residues on the slot and clear the clog of airway. If possible, we recommend that you replace the old nib with the new one. If you want to continue to use the old nib, detach it carefully and clean up the inside of slot to prevent closure of the airway.

* Preventing leakage of ink:
A major cause of clogging of the airway is leakage of ink inside the marker body. The cautions are described as follows:

1. Do not overfill the marker with too much ink. The airway on Super Brush side may be clogged. An overfilled marker will blob on your paper or drip onto your work. Always drip ink onto the Medium Broad nib, one drop at a time. Make sure to check the fullness every few drops.

2. Do not shake or drop the marker. Centrifugal force involved in these kind of actions may cause leakage of ink and the airway inside the marker may be clogged up.
The leakage can be prevented if you keep the marker with Super Brush side up (but it depends on how serious the leakage is).



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