▼ Copic ink stays on my hands and it’s very hard to clean off…

Copic ink is dye ink. It takes a little time to remove dye stains from the skin completely. Try regular soap and warm water first to see how much of it you can get off. Do not rub the ink stain too hard. With time it will eventually fade away.
If you’re looking to speed the process along, you may use cleansing milk or oil-based makeup remover to remove the Copic ink. Or Colorless Blender (alcohols solvent) or ethanol will also do. Pour them onto a soft, clean cloth and wipe the ink away. Be sure to rinse the area well with warm water to keep your skin from chapping.

CAUTION: Alcohol may cause the sensitivity reaction such as redness and swelling on your skin. If symptoms above occur, seek immediate medical attention.



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