▼ I have trouble refilling the marker with ink, using Various Ink and booster…

If it’s difficult for you to estimate moderate refill amount, pour the required amount of ink to the empty bottle once, then refill the marker with that ink and booster.

If you want to refill the marker without use of booster, the following would be a reliable method:

* Like eyedrops, drip the ink onto the Broad Nib, drop by drop.
Amount of a drop of ink from booster is approx. 0.05ml. Here are the recommended refill amounts for each type of marker:
Copic Classic: approx. 4ml (= approx. 80 drops, this is an amount for filling empty Classic marker)
Copic Sketch: approx. 3ml (= approx. 60 drops, this is an amount for filling empty Sketch marker)
Copic Ciao: approx. 2.5ml (= approx. 50 drops, this is an amount for filling empty Ciao marker)


* In case refilling the in-use markers before the ink is completely run out, the amounts listed above may be too much. Always drip ink a little less amount than you think and check the fullness every few drops.
* Make sure to drip the ink onto “Broad” nib. If you drip the ink onto “Super Brush” nib, the airway may be clogged up with ink – that ink could be pushed out during the use and ruin your work.
* After the refill, keep the marker horizontal for a while to make ink thoroughly penetrate inner cotton.



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