▼ Copic has such a wide range of colors. I can’t decide what colors to choose first.

* If you want to color the character:
1. Visualize the character and consider what colors are the most appropriate.
2. Choose the skin tone. We recommend you to choose three colors from “Color Family” R, YR and E.
3. Choose the color of hair. The combination of bright color and dark color would work best in all situations.
4. Choose the color of clothes. The colors with intensity 3-5 are easy to use. Starting with relatively brighter colors will give you a flexibility. Then gradually increase the colors you want as you progress day by day.

* If you want to color the “mecha” (such as robot or spaceship):
1. Gray has the very wide variety of hues and intensities. It will be a good idea to pick the Gray every two intensities. For example:
0/2/4/6/8 or 1/3/5/7/9 or 0/1/3/5/7/9
If you want to hold down expenses, choose relatively brighter colors (1/3/5).

It’s also smart to purchase the marker set first and increase colors little by little to expand your Copic collection.



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