▼ How to dispose Copic products?

You can continuously reuse Copic markers by refilling the ink and replacing the nibs. If you need to dispose of the markers, they should be sorted with non-flammable garbage.
Applies to: Copic Classic, Copic Sketch, Copic Ciao, Copic Comic Markers, Copic Wide, etc.

▪ Disposing of refill ink
Make sure you are in a well-ventilated location. If the ink is left in the container, use a paper towel, etc. to soak up the remaining ink and allow the alcohol to evaporate before disposal.
Applies to: Copic Ink, Various Ink

▪ Disposing of Air Cans
Dispose of Air Cans according to the instructions of the local government in your area (local regulations and rules).
Applies to: 180, D60, and D60N Air Cans



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