Events, Info 6.3.2017

(30th anniversary of Copic) First key visual illustration is released!

On March 6, 1987 (thirty years ago today), we launched the first Copic marker in Japan. Since then, Copic has been distributed in more than 50 countries around the world and receiving international acclaim. We really appreciate your patronage towards Copic for the past 30 years!

To commemorate the birthday of Copic, a newly drawn special illustration by a Japanese manga artist/illustrator Mr. Eisaku Kubonouchi is being released on 30th anniversary website.

30th anniversary illustration by Eisaku Kubonouchi

Mr. Kubonouchi is most famous for manga series such as “Tsurumoku Dokushin Ryo”, “Watanabe” and “Chocolat”. This beautiful illustration will be used as the key visual throughout the anniversary year.

For the news updates and event information on Copic’s 30th anniversary, please visit the special website at:

Copic 30th Anniversary Special Website

Copic Official Twitter

Copic Official Twitter

and Copic Official Facebook

Copic Official Facebook


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