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Copic Plastic Color Solid Chip Set is an innovative product that facilitates color communication in a variety of settings.
This is the perfect reference tool for designers, manufacturers and educators. Guide your creativity and communicate accurate surface color throughout your creative process.

Copic Plastic Color Solid Chips
  • Includes: Stackable tray holds 24 colors × 12, Empty tray (w/ cover) × 1, Instruction manuals × 1, Color Chip layout sheet x 1, Container box
  • Specification: Chip weight: 2.5g/chip, Total weight of set:2.8kg, Outer dimensions:W100 × H245 × D215mm
  • Optional Items
  • 3 Color Chips Set is available.
  • Empty Tray is available.

Carefully selected 288 Colors

Like Copic markers, Colors of Copic Plastic Color Solid Chip Set is based on the Copic color system so that you can select colors intuitively.

Carefully selected 288 Colors

Realistic 3D look and feel

Color chips are made of Polypropylene and it provodes a realistic 3D look and feel. Three finishes: glossy, flat and matte. One side is curved and has a glossy finish while the other side is flat and has both matte and flat finishes.

Realistic 3D look and feel Details

Color Tip Group: 12 trays

Stackable trays of 288 color chips are a great tool for creative people. The set consists of 12 color families: R, RV, BV, V, B, BG, G, YG, Y, YR, E and Gray. Each tray holds 24 color chips.

Color Tip Group: 12 trays


  • The Color Chips may deteriorate over time with effects such as change in color.
  • There may be some margins of color error depending on the production lot.
  • Some colors in Color Chip Set (such as Y01, Y16 and YR03) do not exist in the lineup of Copic markers.
  • Some colors in Color Chip Set (such as E00 and Y28)contain pearl pigments.
  • Colors of Copic Color Chips are organized in an unique “Copic Color System” so that you can select colors intuitively.
  • Colors in Copic Color System are “sensuously” classified and not based on objective and systematic method.
  • Copic is a registered trademark of Too Corporation

Storage and other instructions

  • Store in the dedicated case for Color Chips after use.
  • Away from heat, moisture and direct sunlight. Store in a cool dark place.



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