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Little Thunder(門小雷)

An illustrator and manga artist born in Hong Kong, in 1984. At the age of 15, she debuts in the newspaper "Sing Tao Daily" with the serialized manga "SEED". After graduating from high school, LT starts her carreer as a professional artist. She wins the 2009 edition of the Kodansha Morning International Newcomer Manga Award Supplementary Award with "Apple Baby Cat" and the 2011 edition of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Presided International Manga Award with "KYLOOE"


Regarding Little Thunder

— Could you tell us about your career to date?

Little Thunder:I’m a comic artist, an illustrator. You can just call me an artist.


— Have you always been interested in drawing? 

Yes, I have been drawing daily since I remember. I never got tired of drawing.

Regarding your job

— What kind of job do you usually do?

I drew comics the most. I published my own books. Currently I do mostly illustration. I’m interested in all kinds of fun projects.

— Looking at Instagram, we see many illustrations of coquettish and attractive women, do you usually have someone who models for you? 

Back in 2010 when I started pole dancing. I spent time on observing all sorts of women’s bodies and facial expressions. I just naturally draw what I like.



— You draw both Manga and illustrations. According to your experience, what are the differences between the two styles? Which one do you prefer the most? Are there any suggestions or tips about drawing in the two different styles you would like to share with us?

I used to think comic is paramount. Now I think manga and illustration are both unique as an art form. I do either one based on what I desire to at the moment. As long as the creation is honest, the works will be interesting.

— We are impressed by your works that seem to depict life and daily life. We would appreciate it if you could tell us about the city of Hong Kong where you live. What is your favorite place to live?

Hong Kong is compact and expensive. She is unique and pretty. But Hong Kong also has her very negative side. It’s a love hate relationship and I tried to express that in my work. I prefer living in any kind of aesthetic environment despite of where it is.

How to use Copic, etc.

— You have limited experience with Copic markers in the past, now that you have the chance to try most of our products, what do you think about Copic markers compared to other painting tools?

Having a set of COPIC markers is the dream of anyone who draws. I treasured each COPIC marker I could afford when I was young. COPIC Marker is very unique among all the different painting tools. It can’t be replaced by neither computer nor watercolour. It gives me a vibe of retro that never gets outdated.


— Do you have a favorite color, or a color you found particularly easy to use?

Vermilian. R08 in COPIC sketch.

— Do you plan the color design before you start a new painting?

Yes. I draft on the computer first and decide on the colours I’m going to use.

— After using Copic as a tool for the set illustration, have you thought about experiment it on your next manga art as well?

I actually used COPIC on one of the chapters of 《WAKAME and WAVE and INFINITY》. That chapter is about candies and dreams. COPIC is the optimal choice. And I will definitely draw comic with COPIC again later.



Regarding the illustration of the set

— When we look at this illustration, we can feel your will to draw freely and your love for art. It really makes us want to paint as well. Thank you for your wonderful work. Why did you choose these 24 colors for the this set?

Thank you for your kind words. I have been experimenting with all the 358 colors of COPIC sketch for a year. I tested out different kinds of mixes and matches and picked these 24 colors that I think I would most commonly use.

— As a useful reference for the users, could you briefly explain to us which color you used for each part of the drawing?

E000 and YR82 on the skin.V000 on the shadows. E77, G29 and B97 stacked on the hair.


— What concept did you use to draw this illustration?

I tried to use the 24 colours to create a painting that is vibrant without being harsh on the eyes.

— What difficulties have you encountered and how did you deal with them?

I did not choose the colour black because I don’t like to use black to express “blackness”. I tried to stack colors to create thickness for the darkness of the hair. This part took quite some time.

Regarding the illustration of the set

— What kind of concept did you use to draw the sticker illustration?

I wanted to recreate the feel of “Shokugan”. The toys and stickers I got from snacks when I was young.


— What is the theme or challenge you would like to draw in the future?

I always wish to do new experiments and learn new skills. I’ll just keep learning.

— What would you like to tell to aspiring Manga artist and illustrators?

Draw when you want to and take a rest when you don't. Try not to stress too hard and take away the fun.



Little Thunder Copic Color Set


A Copic Set realized in collaboration with Little Thunder, a Hong Kong-based popular illustrator and manga artist.
This set includes the 24 Copic Sketch used by Little Thunder to draw the set label illustration, a line drawing for coloring and stickers.
Pre-sale in Hong Kong starting from December 20, 2020.

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