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COPIC AWARD is a competition aimed at providing an opportunity to share the diverse artworks created using Copic products on the web, connect Copic fans around the world to inspire each other and help make their creative experiences more fun.
Anyone can enter irrespective of age, nationality or genre. We look forward to receiving your entries!


Last year was the second year of the COPIC AWARD, and we received excellent 2,150 entries from 72 countries. Images of all entries are featured on the AWARD site.



Grand Prize A cash award of $5,000 USD, invitation to the award ceremony in Tokyo (including round-trip airline tickets and accommodation), a full 358 set of Copic Sketch markers.
Second place Invitation to the award ceremony in Tokyo (including round-trip airline tickets and accommodation), a full 358 set of Copic Sketch markers.
Judges’ Awards Special edition Copic Sketch set.
Special Prizes Special edition Copic Sketch set.

Future Generation Art Prize (U-18 Award) A full 358 set of Copic Sketch markers.
Special Prize(100 entries total) Special edition Copic Sketch 3 color set.

*Prize image shown above is from 2019 AWARD. This image is for illustration purposes only.


Junko Koshino 

Arina Tanemura 
Japanese manga artist

Rumiko Tezuka 
Director & Planning Producer of Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd.

Kei Matsushita 
Art director


Grand Prize

The Explorer

Grace Netanya 

United States of America

Grand Prize was unanimously decided. We see an innocent boy standing front of the mirror but maybe he’s seeing his future self. This is very imaginative, unique theme! Imagination is essential for art – That’s what art is all about, actually. What to draw is very important. If you want to share it to the world, originality is very important. So please keep on pursuing your own world and be original.

Comment:Junko Koshino

Second place




First of all, this girl in the middle has a strong impact. She doesn’t look too strong but so pretty and even graceful. Also, it’s fascinating that she is wearing a bit of sorrowful look at the same time. Everybody was attracted to this character. There were many entries featuring a girl character, but this piece stood out because the unique usage of greens. Color balance between greens and other colors is very beautiful. Of course, I was attracted by the theme of this piece. “Awakening from the Eternal Sleep” is very universal theme. I think many of you may recall “Sleeping Beauty”, and the same theme has been referred in various sci-fi novels, films or mangas including my father’s work “Phoenix” by changing its form as Cold Sleep. It’s wonderful she picked up this universal theme and succeeded to reflect that in her own world.

Comment:Rumiko Tezuka

Second place


Rodrigo Matias 


All details are drawn beautifully. At the same time every single detail has connected each other and creating one harmonious world as a whole. I like this calm atmosphere created by soft color tones. When I see this piece, I’m pulled into the world of prayer. I also feel the depth of emotion. I’d like you to keep this intensity and keep on creating more artworks.

Comment:Kei Matsushita

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The 3rd annual COPIC AWARD will be open for entry from May 2020. There are amazing prizes that you can win, also our list of prestigious judges features some of the leading figures in different areas of arts. Don’t miss our special announcement in March.


From May 1, 2020 at 12:00 p.m until June 30, 2020 at 12:00 p.m (Japan Time)