COPIC AWARD 2019 Ceremony Was A Huge Success!

The COPIC AWARD is an international competition aimed at providing an opportunity to share the diverse artworks created using Copic and connecting Copic fans around the world to inspire each other. A wide range of excellent works across all genres gathered on COPIC AWARD 2019. This year, we received 2,108 entries from 72 countries. The AWARD presentation ceremony successfully took place at LAND Shibuya, Tokyo on Friday June 14 and the winners were announced. We recap the biggest and best moments of the AWARD ceremony.

The ceremony event was streamed live worldwide on YouTube and Instagram. The winners of Pixiv Award, Judges Awards, the Second Places and the Grand Prize were selected from the 40 shortlisted entries for the final round, after a rigid judging process by 5 prestigious judges. Gota Ishii (the president and CEO of Too Corporation) led the ceremony off with his heartwarming speech, then the winners of each award were announced by the judges.

Along with existing COPIC AWARD, new “Future Generation Artist Prizes” (U-18 Award) for participants under 18 years old were added from this year. The Grand Prize went to サンゴの海でかくれんぼ (Hide and Seek Under the Sea) by Mr. Chihiro Yagyu.

He was extremely excited with the result and the ceremony really came alive here! Chihiro is only 10 years old Japanese boy, and his extraordinary skills and originality surprised everyone.

The 5 entries winning this year’s Judges’ Awards were announced. Visit the link below to read the judges’ comments for each winning entry:

Second Place: “MOTHER” by Mr. Rodrigo Matias His excellent technique and very calm, peaceful atmosphere of this piece have enthralled the judges. Excerpt from Mr. Matias’s speech: “A few years ago, I wanted to give something special to my mother on her birthday, so I made the painting of a prayer with airbrush. She really loved it, but she passed away last year. When I heard about the AWARD, I decided to make a new version of that painting with Copic. This prize means a lot to me. My mother would be very proud.”

Excerpt from Ms. Hoshimi’s speech: “First, I’d like to thank my family and friends who supported me. The concept of this piece came from the old building I saw on my way to work. I noticed some tiny plants were growing from the rusted part of that building and I was impressed by that. The strong image of new life in artificial, crumbling building has really inspired me.

After receiving a tremendous amount of entries and a rigid judging process, only one entry was selected as the Grand Prize for COPIC AWARD 2019.The Grand Prize went to “The Explorer” by Ms. Grace Netanya. According to one of our judge Ms. Junko Koshino, the prize was unanimously decided. Her amazing talent, and the image of an innocent young boy looking into the mirror and imagining his future, were highly praised among the judges.

Excerpt from Ms. Netanya’s speech: “Since the COPIC AWARD is international competition, I wanted to create a piece that expresses worldwide theme. This young boy looking into the mirror and he’s imagining what he would like to become. Personally, it’s very important theme and I think everybody can relate to that. For me, art is always been about expressing the imagination.”

Judges and winners of the COPIC AWARD 2019

Congratulations to everyone who was nominated and an even bigger congratulations to those that won… and let’s give a huge round of applause to all participants in the competition. Everyone should be immensely proud of the great work you have created. View the full list of winners below:


The 3rd annual COPIC AWARD will officially be open for entry in January 2020. We will be waiting for your participation!



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